Every Child Is Different And So Should Their Sheets

After nine months of waiting you finally get to take home your bundle of joy, but as it were, your husband forgot to pick up baby sheets. Do not panic! However, you would be surprised at the plethora of options for sheets for babies new and experienced parents can invest in. You will here over and over that every child is different, and frankly, they are. And sheets for babies can cover the wide array of sensitive skin, comfort and yes, even smell.

Why Invest In Sheets For Babies?

Rashes can be an irritating symptom for your baby’s delicate skin. Their skin has not experienced the range of fabrics and conditions that a child of a few years has already been through. Oftentimes a rash itself is usually nothing to worry over, but for a newborn baby, it can be a night of crying. Not to mention newborns tend to sleep anywhere from 10.5 to 18 hours in a day, so being able to sleep is going to ensure you get sleep as well, especially when most Americans, about 82 percent, believe an extra hour of sleep to be incredibly valuable.

Bamboo sheets, for example, have been known to not only soothe any rashes your child already has, but creates an environment that mitigates the amount of moisture resting on your child, especially during the night.

Preventative Measures Against Rashes

While rashes can’t be entirely avoided no matter how well an individual takes care of their child, a parent can take steps alongside purchasing the right sheets to help further mitigate rashes.

When it comes to bathing, babies obviously, can’t bathe themselves no matter tired a parent gets, it has to be done. Their skin relies on it! They need at least two or three baths a week in two to three inches of water. Never use hot water, always warm or rather, the perfect temperature a child does not fuss over. You are trying to clean them, not slow roast them.

Speaking of cleanliness, it should be noted that babies have underdeveloped sweat glands. What does this mean? Well, when your child reaches the age of six months old, if you do not want them experiencing a heat rash, you should apply, at the very least, SPF 30 to all exposed skin. This can be painful, even is as an adult, for a child. And it can be made worse by rough sheets and blankets.

Sunflower seed oil can also help skincare. A randomized, controlled trial, when premature infants had the oil administered to their skin, it reduced chances of sepsis and mortality by 41 percent and 26 percent, respectively.

Sheets for babies are a lot like buying window treatments. Sure, you could buy cute curtains but why not buy ones that are cute and serve a function? Treat baby crib sheets the same. They range from skincare, like bamboo sheets, to hypoallergenic crib sheets.

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