Has a Recent Storm Damaged the Roof of Your House or Business?

The idea of storm damage to your home is intensely threatening. You can’t control whether a storm arrives and while there are things you can do to defend your home, you ultimately can’t prevent storm damage from occurring. So it is best to be as prepared as possible to actually deal with storm damage. If there are commonly hail storms in my area, look at your homeowner’s insurance hail damage policies. You might consider shopping around for a policy that will cover you for hail damage to your house. You should also know of storm damage roof repair services in your area and how to spot roof damage. That way, you’ll be ready to get to work after the damage is done. You’ll know what to look for and who to call, saving you time and frustration in a stressful moment.

While there’s little you can do to prevent storm damage, you can prepare yourself and your home. If you have hail damage reports near me, you can use those to predict what might happen over the course of the season.

In the end, the weather teams reported that there were two F1 tornadoes in the area that Friday night.
When the Friday before Father’s Day storm first blew in it was difficult to tell what was happening. What was going on? Were these straight-line winds? Was there a tornado?
The weather in the Omaha, Nebraska, area changed so suddenly it was a little difficult to understand what was going on. the weather sirens went off even before the television news could make the announcement, and by the time people thought to look outside from their basement windows the sky had turned so black, you could not see anything. Could not see how hard it was raining. Could not see in which direction the winds were blowing. Could not see if that was hail making all of the noise.
It was not until three days later and the weather teams had the time to make their assessments did anyone realize that it had been both straight-line winds of more than 90 miles an hour and tornadoes that had destroyed homes, knocked down trees, and took out power to close to 50,000 people.

Storm Damage Is Often Not Assessed Until Days After Major Weather Events
When entire homes are destroyed, it is easy to see the devastation. For many weather-related damages, however, metal roofing companies, siding repair teams, and other assessors cannot always survey the damage until later. In the case of the June 2017 storm that tore through the Omaha metropolitan area, for instance, the weather experts could not even get a handle on what had happened that evening until they could survey the damage themselves. Crazy, isn’t it? Having to look at storm damage to be able to confirm if a tornado indicated on radar really touched down.
It is a given that the weather is unpredictable. In fact, many locations around the country want to cling to the fact that their weather is so unpredictable that it can sometimes seem like they are always using the same phrase: if you don’t like the weather, stick around for five minutes and it will change. The fact of the matter is, however, in many parts of the country it is seeming more and more difficult to predict the weather conditions to expect. From hot temperatures in Alaska to record flooding around the country, many homeowners find themselves looking for metal roofers, siding companies, and window installers who can provide products that can withstand some pretty extreme conditions.

Metal Roofers Provide a Product That Is Maintenance Free and Cost-Effective
Commercial and residential metal roofs provide many benefits, especially in areas where unpredictable weather exists. From withstanding heavy amounts of snow to serving as a smooth profile surface, metal roofers can install a product that can survive many storms. Talking to local metal roofers who are well versed in a variety of offerings can help you find the exact product you are looking for.
Consider some of these facts about the commercial and residential roofing industries:

  • Aluminum-zinc alloy is used to coat some steel roofing products, providing a roof with a lifespan of up to 100 years.
  • 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives, new metal roofs are also environmentally friendly. In fact, some may contain anywhere from 30% to 60% of recycled metal content.
  • 25% off of an annual home energy bill can easily be saved by installing a metal roof.
  • Steel and aluminum are the two most common types of metal used to produce metal roofing products.
  • Typically, a metal roof will last about three to seven times longer than a traditional asphalt shingles roof.
  • With proper maintenance, metal roofs often last 50 or more years.
  • Even the most expensive types of metal, such as zinc, copper, and stainless steel, will cost 30% less than the cheapest tile or slate roof.
  • Metal roofs will protect buildings from suffering major damage because they often have a 140 miles per hour wind rating.
  • Vertical panels and interlocking shingles are the two basic styles of metal roofs.
  • Modern metal roofs come in over 100 colors, which include standard, premium, and customized colors.
  • Although asphalt shingles roofs are only available in about 15 to 20 standard colors, the number of color options for metal roofing is far greater.

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