It’s Time to Focus on Creating the Home You Envision

Warren platner furniture

While many people spend a considerable amount of time improving their home’s interior appearance, others aren’t doing so as regularly. Recent surveys show that 9% of Americans haven’t updated their home’s decor in over 10 years, and 47% haven’t done so over the past 5 years.

Just 20% of Americans are happy with their home’s decor. Other Americans, or 14%, have shared that they feel gloomy and stressed when looking at their home’s furnishings. If you’re not happy with your home’s current interior design, what type of furniture and decor do you envision?

Are you looking for a few ideas to become inspired? You may be interested to know how other Americans have addressed their homes’ overall appearance:

  • Traditional: 44%
  • Modern: 22%
  • Eclectic: 13%
  • Country: 10%
  • Global: 2%

If you prefer a traditional look, then you may be interested in purchasing mid-century or Hollywood Regency furniture. Since you want to purchase quality furnishings, it’s important to mention that sofas, such as a Regency sofa, will usually last for 7 to 15 years when you care for them properly. There are other Hollywood Regency furniture pieces that you might want to add to your living room, such as a Regency coffee table.

Do you like modern furniture? Then you might want to consider Scandinavian furnishings. Danish modern furnishings, decor, and lighting may be just what you envision for your home.

How often do you use your dining room? A recent Houzz home-decorating survey showed that almost 75% of its participants were planning to use their’s every week. If your dining room table no longer inspires you to entertain, then you may want to consider something that suits you more, such as a rustic barn table with matching benches, stools, or chairs.

Eclectic, country, and/or global furniture may also appeal to you. Since you want your home to reflect your personality and lifestyle, you may want each room to have a different overall look. Once you create the time to explore the different types of home furnishings and decor that are available, chances are that you will be inspired to redecorate your home. Then you will be able to respond, “yes,” along with the Houzz survey participants that replied they had finally “achieved their ultimate vision for their home.”

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