Retirement Communities for Active Seniors

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What is a continuing care retirement community? In most simplistic terms, continuing care retirement communities are adult retirement communities that are designed for active retirees who prefer to live as independently as possible, but enjoy the peace of mind of 24-hour access to medical care.

The most basic difference between continuing care retirement communities and other kinds of senior care facilities comes down to the amount of care that one receives. While no two independent living communities are the same, they do not provide the same level of constant care for their residents as do typical nursing homes. This is because the residents of a continuing care retirement community do not need a full staff of nurses gathering around them at all hours of the day and night — nor do they want such a thing. Obviously, this is the foremost reason many seniors choose active retirement communities over nursing homes in the first place.

Depending upon the wants and needs of each prospective resident, there are different types of independent care facilities from which to choose. Luxury retirement home might be a viable option for more affluent seniors, while more modest independent living facilities will be just fine for every one else.

Regardless of the style of active retirement homes residents prefer, they will be pleased to find that there are always a variety of enjoyable activities to pass the time. Whether it be a few games of poker, shuffleboard, pool, backgammon, or sitting and talking about the weather, there are plenty of social opportunities. After all, staying active is not only good for elevating the mood, but Harvard researchers have discovered that memory decline is slower in seniors who participate in social activities.

Key advances in healthcare are allowing Americans to live longer, and to stay active later in life. As a result, many retirees are opting for more independent living options over nursing homes. So, what is a continuing care retirement community? It’s a retirement living facility that provide its residents with all the independence and social opportunities that they need to live the most enriching golden years as possible.

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