The Cure to a Wobbly Toilet

Is your toilet wobbling when you sit on it? This is the sign that it is not anchored properly. This also means that it may not be sealed properly. This could cause water to seep down into the base and cause mold to grow. You will want to fix this plumbing problem as soon as possible. You could hire a plumber to come fix it for you.

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However, you could repair it yourself as it is not an overly complicated repair. In this video, you will learn how to fix a wobbly toilet.

The toilet is connected to the floor with what is known as a flange. Flanges can be made out of different material ranging from steel, plastic, cast iron, or even brass. The root cause of a wobbly toilet is either that the toilet is not properly attached to the flange, the flange is properly connected to the flooring, or that the flange is damaged. To fix this, first turn off the water valve. Then, drain the water out of the toilet reservoir to prevent leaking. Next, unscrew the water line and move the toilet off of its base flange. You may have to unscrew the caps on the bolts. From here, you should be able to identify whether you need a new flange or not. The solution may simply be tightening the existing flange or re-bolting it down.


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