The Difference Between Private and Public High Schools

Choosing whether to take your child to a local private high school or a public high school is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. However, some parents have a hard time choosing between the two.
Before you decide to take your child to a local private high school or a public high school, it is crucial to know the differences between the two to arrive at the best schooling option.

Video Source

As highlighted in the YouTube video, some of the significant differences between private high schools and public high schools include the following:
Private high schools are independent, whereas public high schools are not. The government funds and administers public schools, while private schools are funded by students’ tuition and run by private bodies.
Public high schools have a few functioning facilities, while private high schools have many well-maintained facilities.
Private high schools have smaller classes because of smaller student populations, while public high schools have bigger classes because of higher populations.
Choosing between a local private high school and a public high school depends on the learning environment you want for your child. Both sides have success stories. The choice depends on you and your child.

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