The Trend Of Mid Century Modern Furniture

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Are you a homeowner looking to fill your home with high quality modern decor? Perhaps you are just looking for ways for your home to stand out among the crowd, or maybe you have just always been fascinated by modern furniture. Whatever your reasons might be, you are in luck because there are so great ways to find high quality modern decor that can feed your passion for design. Below are a few popular trends happening now:

1. Mid Century Modern Furniture The surge of people loving Mid Century furniture is just one of the reasons that the sales from furniture and furnishing stores exceeded $100 billion in 2015. This type of furniture is sleek is known for interesting shapes and design. Mid century modern office furniture is also making businesses more exciting for guests.

2. In Home Gallery Walls – Another trend in home design is hanging art in a way that mimics gallery walls. Art can bring so much life to a space and is a crucial part of high quality modern decor. A key to creating a gallery wall in your home is to leave a 3-inch space between the frames that you hang. Try using the same type of frame, but art that shows a variety of color.

3. A Space To Relax – What is your home if not a place of relaxation? Everyone wants to be able to walk into their home at the end of the day and feel cozy and stress free. The sad reality is that only 20 percent of Americans are are happy with how the decor of their home makes them feel. Creating a specific space to relax in your home can easily be done with high quality modern decor. Find furniture that works in your home, fill your space, and feel the relaxation you deserve!

Whether you are just now finding a love of modern furniture or you have been a fan for years, there is always more to learn. If you are looking to spruce up a space in your home, consider using high quality modern decor to do it. Remember to think about mid century modern furniture, in home gallery walls, and making spaces to relax in. You’ll be glad you did!

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