There Are So Many Housing Options On The Market How Does A Student Find The Most Suitable One?

Housing options can seem almost too plentiful at times.

You have some off campus apartments that are nicely priced, but way too far from your university of choice. You have a pet friendly apartment in a nice neighborhood…but it’s also out of your price range. Is it possible to have a little bit of everything? Figuring out your college situation is the antonym of a one-size-fits-all…and a feat that can be achieved with a little research. Thousands of college students have to figure out their living arrangements every single year.

Let’s take a look at your housing options for 2019 and which one will compliment your lifestyle best.

How Many People Are Moving?

Americans are constantly going from one place to another. You could say it’s a country defined by a wanderlust. A recent study found nearly 35% of renters move on a yearly basis, for a variety of reasons, and this is unlikely to change in the forseeable future. According to data provided by the Rental Protection Agency, as many as 2,500 individuals enter the rental market every day in need of housing options. If you’re one of many, rest assured you’ll have at least a few choices that fit your budget.

Why Do People Move So Often?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Americans move for almost too many reasons to count. The Rental Protection Agency has estimated the 15-35 age group to move the most frequently, composing up to 40% of renters in the United States. The most common reasons to pack bags and find greener pastures include expecting a new arrival, a new job, studying at a university, wanting a change of pace, or trying to find a more reasonable rent. Your housing options should take as many factors into account as possible so you can have the most enjoyable stay.

What About Home Renters?

It’s not just apartment renters that are shifting the country around. According to a 2016 study nearly 30% of Americans rented their home. In fact, the Census Bureau provided housing data just one year later supported by the Pew Research Center — more American households than ever are renting, rather than owning. Commercial real estate has had to change its expectations a bit these past few years. It’s only reasonable to tweak yours, even if it just means prioritizing pet friendly housing over all else.

What Are Popular Amenities?

While no journey looks exactly the same, there are a few common favorites among renters today. More often than not renters want to ensure they have some useful resources in and around the apartment complex, both to save on gas money and time. These include gym facilities, BBQ pits, and nearby parks, though these are far from the only ones. In fact, many renters today will outright look for another option if wi-fi isn’t regularly available. It’s thought a new unit is rented in the United States every 80 seconds, with every 30 seconds seeing a new renter moving their belongings to a new place.

How Do I Find The Best Housing Options?

Good housing options should include a few things. You need to keep your budget in mind first and foremost, as this can seriously set you back if you’re not careful. According to your monthly rent and utility bills should represent no more than 30% of your monthly net income after tax. You should also consider location, particularly if you regularly commute to college or work. As of 2017 well over 110 million renters called apartments their home in the country.

Housing options are plentiful. Narrow it down in 2019 and find a place that truly suits you.

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