4 Disturbing Disadvantages of Senior Living Facilities

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As you or your loved one age, the idea of assisted senior living intensifies with increased special care needs. However, there are a lot of questions when it comes to choosing a suitable place to live during your elderly years. While most seniors prefer living close to or with their family and friends, there are some who fret the idea of living on their own. As a result, such seniors may opt for assisted living.

There are numerous assisted living facilities and centers around the world that offer home care services. Some even offer special care need for those seniors who are suffering from conditions such as dementia and mental illness. If you or your loved one is undergoing such conditions perhaps you may consider senior living as an option. However, as this may sound like a brilliant idea on papers when it comes practicability of it, things tend to become difficult. Since you may be familiar with all the pros of assisted living, there are obvious disadvantages you and your family members need to discuss before taking that major step in your life.

Usually, when you age, there are certain fears that linger on and one of them is the loss of freedom. This fear is common especially with the elders who stays at senior living centers. While some of these fears can be controlled with facility care and supportive services offered by family, friends and the facility staff, some seniors prefer otherwise. Below are disadvantages of elderly people in assisted living communities.

It’s evident that the idea of separation between a senior and the family may bring emotional breakdown. This is due to strong family connections that bond people together. When the aged shift to senior assisted living facilities they may feel lonely and isolated from friends and family. Additionally, they may feel as if they are no longer in control of their lives and that they have to depend on other people. All these elements may cause a senior to be depressed to a point they’ll develop medical conditions. It’s therefore important that the transition period is done properly otherwise, it may become difficult for seniors to adapt to their new environment, leave alone socializing with other residents.

Inadequate Medical Care
Generally, a senior living facility will not offer extensive medical care that would otherwise be found in a nursing home. For instance, seniors suffering from terminal conditions such as Alzheimer’s would normally require a high level of medical care, something which assisted living facilities cannot offer. This limitation means that seniors with various conditions will not receive the best service they’d want. This means they will have to find an alternative option that meets their specific health needs.

Lifestyle Limitation
Most facilities that offer assisted living for seniors are governed by rules and regulations. Some of these rules may limit a senior to fully enjoy a particular lifestyle of choice. For example, some facilities may discourage pets and smoking, something which can be an inconvenience to a senior. Also, routine activities within the facility may become a challenge for a senior, perhaps it’s not something they are used to.

Cost Implications
When you are thinking about assisted living as a preference for seniors, the associated cost is something you must have considered. If you haven’t considered it yet, you should probably do that because the kind of services these facilities offer doesn’t come cheaply. Typically, most assisted living facilities will charge a fixed monthly amount alongside other fees for certain services. This can really impact on income especially if you or the senior does not qualify for medical insurance.

While assisted living offer safe and peaceful environment for seniors to age gracefully, it may not be the best option for everyone. Although statistics shows that there are about one million Americans living is assisted living community, researchers hint that the number is expected to grow by double digits by the year 2030. From the above disadvantages, you can assess alternative senior living options that will suit your lifestyle and pocket.

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