5 Tips for Moving Commercial Locations


Moving is hard regardless of how much you own. Not only do you have to adjust to a new city and new way of life, but you also have to find a place to live, a job, and create a new city routine. Moving a business can be an even more complicated process because time is limited. Taking too long to move can affect your products and your customer satisfaction. These tips will help you efficiently move from one business location to another.

Evaluate the City

Your cities surroundings might not seem as important when you are simply doing business in the city. However, this is the location that you will spend the majority of your work week in. This is the city where you will meet with potential business clients. It is the city that will attract employees to work for you. Before signing a lease or purchasing a business space, give yourself time to evaluate the city. This evaluation can also make the move easier by informing you of nearby coffee shops, lunch destinations, and business suppliers.

Hire Professional Movers
Professional movers provide many advantages, especially to the commercial business. Not only are they licensed and bonded meaning you get a safer move, but they can also speed up the process. Of course, you could move everything yourself and cut the costs of professional movers, but the trade off is a loss of business which is often more expensive than the original cost of the professional movers. Additionally, many offices contain valuable items like computer monitors, office furniture, and other expensive office equipment.

Forward Your Mail ASAP
You often have a couple of weeks to forward your mail in a residential setting. However, when you are dealing with commercial forwarding, it is best to forward it as soon as possible. Missing important pieces of mail could mean missing customer payments, invoices, and essential business documents. Fortunately, the post office makes this process very easy. You can set a date that you want to begin forwarding mail. If the dates are not yet set, you can always forward the mail to a P.O. Box or residential address in the meantime.

Inform your Customers Ahead of Time
Commercial changes that affect the customer can really affect the business if they are not properly prepared for. It is important to inform your current customers of any changes, especially to your address, ahead of time. It is always a good idea to give them plenty of notice, so if you are able to find a new office location ahead of schedule, you have more time to notify them. The average person moves 12 times in their lifetime. Although commercial moves are less frequent, they do require more notification.

Avoid Moving Too Far
It might be tempting to choose a new commercial office space outside of the city to cut the costs of rent. The problem with this, however, is that this essentially means that you are starting over. You will likely lose a lot of your current customers and you will have to up your target marketing to reach the new ones. Most people do the majority of business with the businesses nearby their residence. Compare the funds you will save by moving outside of the city against the cost of reaching new customers. Additionally, moving assistance will cost more the further you move.

Moving a commercial business space presents many challenges that a residential move does not. You have to focus on the best location for your business needs, while also choosing movers that can safely move your commercial supplies. The move itself needs to be planned and customers should be given plenty of notice.

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