America’s Population Is Aging How Does This Affect Our Approach To The Golden Years?

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Walking is a mundane action we rely on every day to get us where we need to go. When that simple act is compromised? It can leave many feeling helpless. Even powerless. Aging is a rather notorious factor that makes it hard for millions to achieve the same independence they could a decade or two ago. As much as we may try with beauty products and smart diets, aging is a part of life we just can’t escape. We can, however, meet it with style. A cane for walking is a sturdy partner to have by your side every step of the way.

Simple Statistics About Aging

Aging is a fact of life. Simple as that, right? It can be easier for some than others, though, and much of this has to do with the resources they’re allotted. The United States is seeing a rapid shift in its aging population, with some projections expecting to see over 20% of the population being aged 65 or older by the time 2040 arrives. This means one out of every six people, on average, will be elderly and likely in need of additional medical and daily assistance to live their best life. A cane for walking can seem like a simple device, but for many it’s the difference between independence and a much smaller world.

Risk Factor Of Reduced Mobility

Did you know one in every four adults will slip or trip each year? Older adults, in particular, have an estimated 50% of their falls taking place at home. Aging can affect mobility by affecting the joints, reducing strength and making even basic actions like climbing the stairs a battle. The older a person gets the less they’re able to recover from seemingly minor incidents like a slip or a fall. Two of the most common causes of falls in elderly populations are unsteadiness from standing up. Custom walking canes can change that for the better.

The Function Of A Mobility Device

A cane for walking can come in many different styles and materials to aid our aging population. It’s estimated 10% of Americans aged 65 or older own at least one cane. Another study estimates nearly five million American walk with a cane on a regular basis, making it the most widely used mobility device in the country. While electric wheelchairs and walkers are still necessary for more compromised cases, a cane for walking is a simple and easy way of improving mobility with little effort.

A Bounty Of Beautiful Styles To Choose From

Just like no one person faces the same struggles, no one cane looks the same. Folding canes can be pulled out and tucked at will, great for those that find themselves traveling and trying to make the most out of their limited space. Other functional canes include an umbrella cane (who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone?) and or a carbon fiber folding walking stick for added durability. This isn’t to say fashion is completely off-limits. The horse head cane has been popular for centuries and many stylish canes come in beautiful patterns, colors and materials.

Using A Cane For Walking

Treating aging less like a chore and more like a new journey can take the edge off of many common fears. When aging starts to affect your physical health, a cane for walking does the dual work of shaving away that pain and keeping your emotional health sound. Around one-fifth of all cane users cite the development of osteoarthritis as a main cause of their limited mobility, followed by dizziness, aching and lower back pain. When over two million senior citizens will visit their emergency room for injuries caused by a slip or fall, a cane for walking can literally save a life.

Simple, yet complicated. Much like aging, there’s an entire world of potential to be found in a simple walking stick.

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