Educational Choices Are Some of the Most Important Decisions That Parents Make

Parents across America have an important decision to make when it comes time to send their children to school. From the academic advantages of private schools to the affordability of public schools, the decision is not always easy. Do you want your children to go to a school with their neighborhood friends? Do you want your high school students go to a school that is all girls or all boys? The fact of the matter is, unless you look carefully it is often difficult to tell very much about a school the very first visit. In fact, the parents who are the happiest and most content with the decisions that they make about where their children will attend are the parents who have made several visits. Some even make the effort to attend events that are sponsored by the school to get a real feel for the parents, students, and faculty.

One of the things that families are looking for when they are making decisions about where their children will go to school is the educational philosophy. And while some people may think that the advantages of private schools are even across the board, the reality is that the educational philosophy of a school may provide more inside than any other aspect. For example, if you decide to send your children to a Montessori school you are making the decision to attend a school that fosters independent learning in multiage classrooms with an educational focus on Maria Montessori’s idea of FOLLOW THE CHILD.

  • Finding the right school should obviously include your children. If they are learners who like the opportunity to move between working independently and a working with a friend, they might be especially suited to a Montessori classroom where children are not assigned to one specific seat.
  • One of the advantages of private schools that use the Montessori method is that children are able to work at their own level. In a multiage classroom, for instance, students are allowed to progress through any subject as far as they can go.
  • Learners who are first year preschoolers, for instance, can actually be doing the same work as the kindergarteners.
  • Lessons are presented to children as they are needed in a Montessori classroom, so if your child wants to work on the addition of four digit numbers and has worked through the earlier lessons, she can work on the four digit addition.
  • Once parents make the decision about a school it is important to try to incorporate some of the classroom routines into your home.
  • Working with the teacher for guidance, for instance, Montessori parents might set up some practical life stations in the family kitchen.

  • The benefits of private school education can mean that parents will be involved. In fact, 24% of public school teachers report that lack of parental involvement is a problem in their school, while only 3% of private school teachers report this as a problem.
  • Having parents who are involved in the school community can have a positive impact on the entire school.
  • Estimates indicate that 25% of all schools in the U.S. are private, but this does not mean that every private school is the same or that every school’s philosophy is a good fit for every family.

  • Counselors at private schools indicate that they spend about 55% of their time on college-related counseling. Public high school counselors, in comparison, indicate that they spend only 22% on college-related counseling.
  • Hands on learning is an important part of the Montessori classroom. From world maps to sand paper letters to the bead stair, children literally hold their lessons in their hands as they explore the continents of the world, the letters of the alphabet, and the meaning of math.
  • Instead of just picking the same school that everyone else attends, visit different choices and make a selection based on your child.
  • Llearning to work independently is a key component in a Montessori room.
  • Developing visual math skills is an advantage of the Montessori materials like golden beads, bars, and cubes.

There are advantages of private schools and there are also advantages of public schools, but what might be even more important is to make sure that you agree with the educational philosophy of the school.

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