Every Dog Park Needs These 5 Items

It’s important that dogs have a playground of their own, otherwise known as a dog park. These places allow owners and dogs to have a great time together. That being said, you’ll need to ensure that you have plenty of equipment for these dogs to enjoy. Considering that, here are five great items to include in your dog park.

  1. Adjustable Jump Bars

    If there’s one thing dogs love to do, it’s jump. Dog owners often see this behavior after seeing their pups after a long day. Considering that, it’s a wise idea to include a few adjustable jump bars in your dog park. This type of dog park agility equipment is great for many breeds. Having adjustable jump bars allows dogs of all sizes to practice their jumping skills while having a great time.
  2. Crawl Tunnels

    Another great idea in any dog park is the inclusion of crawl tunnels. This essential piece of dog park agility equipment is available in multiple sizes. Crawl tunnels allow your dog to explore a new space while having lots of fun. You can even find crawl tunnels that include small holes to let the natural sunlight in, making things less intimidating for a dog.
  3. Teeter Totters

    You probably remember playing on a teeter totter as a child. Traditionally, teeter totters allow two people to sit on separate ends of this device. Taking turns, each person is able to use their momentum to raise themselves upwards. Dogs are also able to use these items, albeit in a slightly different way. Teeter totters in a dog park allow these animals to practice their balance by walking up one end of this item and down the other.
  4. Fire Hydrant

    After playing for a while, dogs are going to want a place to rest. With that in mind, you’ll want to think about ordering dog park fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are something dogs typically see quite a bit while out on walks. Therefore, these hydrants will instantly be recognizable to the dogs in your park. Don’t be surprised if these fire hydrant replicas become quite popular with your park’s four legged guests.
  5. Waste Station

    While it might be an unpleasant topic, dogs will likely urinate or defecate at your park. Don’t worry, ordering a pet waste station ensure these problems are taken care of. These stations feature bags and receptacles to dispose of dog waste. Dog waste contains bacteria that is harmful to other canines. Having a few of these stations set up at your dog park helps ensure everyone can play without any fear of getting sick. In addition, these items avoid having any dog owners step in piles of excrement.

To summarize, every dog park needs to have the right equipment. If you’re wanting something easier than ordering separate pieces of equipment, you might consider purchasing dog agility equipment kits. These kits include multiple pieces of dog park agility equipment, allowing man’s best friend to have hours of fun.

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