Get Your Big Day Planned with Wedding Rentals

Tent structures and accessories

Weddings are a big business and deciding what is best for you on your big day can feel overwhelming at times. Thankfully, you don’t have to go out and buy everything new; you can get most of what you need through a wedding rentals.

Wedding rental companies have everything from tables and chairs to linens and decorations. They keep up with what is trending in the wedding industry, so they are ready for new and unique requests. For example, nautical themes are really popular. Along with this trend, the popularity for nautical-inspired sailcloth tents has grown rapidly.

Sailcloth tents offer a beautiful alternative to traditional tents for outdoor events. They are made of a translucent sailcloth material. They are durable and waterproof making them practical in addition to beautiful. They are held up with natural wood poles with rounded ends and elegant peaks, opposed to the traditional metal poles with spiked peaks. Sailcloth tents are clean looking and create the illusion of floating similarly to a parachute material.

Outdoor weddings have been in fashion for a while, and they rely heavily on wedding rentals since everything is needed from a tent to a dance floor. Dance floor rental is an important aspect of an outdoor service unless you don’t plan to have dancing. the size of the tent you rent will depend on the size of your wedding. There are several different sizes for large tents to consider, and your planner can help you determine what you need.

The average wedding costs $26,951 according to recent reports. The average wedding reception costs $13,106. These prices vary greatly depending on location. For example, the average wedding in New York City costs $70,030 due to the increased cost of everything in New York City. Wedding rentals in New York are more expensive but also harder to reserve, sso you need to start early when planning a large wedding in New York.

When looking for a wedding rental company to help you with your big day, you want to find one with plenty of experience. They should be current on all trends, be able to offer you anything you need within reason, and have a large selection of high-quality linens. Linen rentals are a big part of any event from weddings to birthday parties. The linens include table cloths, table runners, napkins, sashes, and chair covers. They create the look and feel of the event and tie the color theme together.

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