Getting The Right Slipcovers For a Couch

The furniture market is a large one in the United States today. After all, all households large and small, and all different levels of income, need at least some basic furniture inside. This may include a table and chairs in the living room or kitchen, chairs and couches in the living room, bookshelves, beds, dressers, TV stands, desks, and more. Meanwhile, furniture such as couches and padded chairs have fabric or leather surfaces, and homeowners will take a great interest in the aesthetics and condition of that fabric or leather. A piece of furniture is a fine investment, and a homeowner will probably base their furniture on their own taste and the aesthetics of the home. In fact, this is part of the larger concept of home refurnishing, when a person updates the materials of their furniture or gets entirely new furniture for the house. This includes accessories such as tub chair slipcovers, fitted mattress covers, ottoman covers, and even covers for pet beds. When it comes to the likes of a tub chair slipcover, for example, a homeowner has plenty of options.

Furniture and Fabric

As mentioned above, this is quite a large market in the United States. Overall, the American furniture and home furnishings market brings in a lot of sales, and stores generated a total revenue of $106.78 billion back in 2015 from sales. Furniture Today, meanwhile, is an online furniture industry news source that predicts furniture sales reaching $122 billion by the year 2020. Americans want furniture with quality and durability in wood, fabric, leather, and more. Amish-made furniture, for example, is known for expert hand craftsmanship and leather covers on couches may last for a long time and in fact improve with age.

Many American furniture customers say in surveys that they want furniture that will last 10-15 years at the very least, and they want furniture to have quality fabrics or leather and wooden surfaces that match their personal taste and style in the home. After all, some 91% of sofa buyers have said that quality and durability are very important when they make a purchase like this. Around 36% of all sofa buyers have also said that they want to keep a newly bought couch for five to nine years. Meanwhile, 28% of couch buyers want their new piece of furniture to last 15 years or even more.

A piece of furniture certainly should have durable wooden and metal frames, to be sure, but fabric and leather should also be considered. The fabric will determine how stylish and comfortable the couch is, and tastes vary among individuals or society over time. Color schemes popular for furniture in the 1970s, for example, may be often considered dated and unattractive today. Rather, a furniture customer will want fabric whose color, material, weave, and texture are to their liking and are pleasant to look at and sit on. Some customers may prefer solid colors, or patterns. Vivid red or blue may appeal to some, while more neutral light gray or dark brown appeal to others. It varies based on consumer.

Couches and chairs have stuffing and fabric, but they may also have slipcovers, which may be considered tabletop place mats for a chair or couch. A tub chair slipcover, for example, may help a tub couch look more complete. These slipcovers, as the name suggests, can be placed over the couch’s existing fabric to protect it from wear and tear and add a new style if so desired. These slipcovers may be durable and attractive, making them quite practical for any home owner. Such tub chair slipcovers and the like may be found at furniture marts, and a homeowner may take the measurements of the furniture in question for reference before committing to a purchase. The slipcover may be the same pattern and colors as the couch itself for consistency, or someone who likes their couch but not its patterns may choose a slipcover with an entirely new aesthetic. This way, the person does not have to throw away an ugly but durable and quality couch. The same may be done for padded chairs, which have stuffing and fabric on their seats and on the back.

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