Here’s Why You Should Be Going Through The Clothes In Your Closet

Studies have shown that most Americans tend to pick up at least one new item of clothing per week. That turns out to roughly 20 billion garments of clothing being purchased per year by individuals. Could you imagine just what that would mean if those clothes items that we find our self replacing because we don’t have the room for them could instead turn into clothing donations that benefit the less fortunate who may find themselves struggling to go out and buy even one item of clothing per month? This is where the red cross donation center could come in as help to take that used clothing off of your hands and repurpose it to individuals who could truly use it.

Did you know that 10% of people living in the United States give to charity each year? Clothing donation centers may collect that used clothing that has been donated and go through it to give to the individuals who need it, and yet it still is not enough to sustain those who find themselves struggling to put food on the table and supply clothing for themselves and their families. When you donate old clothes you’re giving someone a perfect outfit for a new interview, a child a fresh pair of jeans to go to school in, or that mom am outfit that builds her up and makes her ready to face the day.

It isn’t only those individuals you don’t know that you’re also helping. By going through used clothing donations you always earn yourself a tax break when it comes to tax time, putting money back into your own pocket so that you can get out there and by more and start that whole circle all over again. When you donate clothing you’re helping yourself as well as those who don’t have the money you do go spend on brand new clothing, instead you’re giving them clothes that are new to them.

The process of clothing donations are even easier than you may think they are. The Red Cross donation center is easy for you to locate in order to bring those clothing donations to them so that they can go through the process of sorting the clothes and figuring out what will be best provided where. But also, there is clothing donation pickup that you can also utilize in order to get rid of those items you no longer want. With pickup, all you need to do is put together those items and make a phone call to American Cross Donations and allow them the time to come and pick up those bags and boxes of items during a time that is of convenience for you and them alike.

With so many individuals in this country considered homeless and just barely scraping by taking care of them and getting them back on their feet can help you to not only feel better about your life but also about how you’ve helped those less fortunate. In January 2015 alone there were 564,708 people considered to be chronically homeless, with so many years having passed since then now those numbers have climbed higher, leading many individuals in need of those items that you no longer want.

So the next time that you find yourself looking through those items in your closet and knowing that they aren’t items that you’re going to wear anymore, pack them up in bags and boxes and take them on over to a Red Cross donation center where they can be repurposed and given out to those in need who will view them just as you did on the day that you decided that they needed to be part of your closet. What you no longer may want could be just what someone else has been looking for.

A Red Cross donation center would be happy to take those gentle used clothing items off of your hands.

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