Apartment Searching 101

The hunt for a decent apartment is the struggle many people know and face every day. With a large number of apartments on the market, the search to find a good apartment is seemingly infinite and impossible—many apartments for rent that have a considerable lack of community upkeep or hospitable services from the leasing office that are a deal-breaker for most people. However, the growth of people renting an apartment is continuously increasing due to the economy’s general climate and young adult’s perspective on becoming homeowners. In the U.S renters occupy 42.58 million housing units—25% of people who rent, choice, and over half of renter’s believe renting an apartment is far better than owning a home due to less upkeep and financial strain. The market for apartments is beginning to sustainably grow as fast as people’s lifestyle change, there are a variety of apartments available that aim to remove the old concept a basic apartment and replace it with a desirable living arrangement designed for every income. Luxury apartments, luxury condos, and townhouses for rent all with amenities included creating a living space you can truly feel at home in.

Things To Look For When Apartment Hunting

Typically, most apartment complexes have some amenities included attracting potential renters to their complex, such a 24-hour fitness center, basketball courts, and even walking trails. In a recent survey conducted by Apartment Guide, 60% of property managers cited pools and fitness center as tenants’ top three choices of amenities included. But, the level of quality and compassion is not always the best, depending on where and who you choose to rent from. There a few essential tips you should always know while apartment viewing and before making a final decision.

Moving plans are imperative when discussing the idea of uprooting your life. You want to make sure you’re well-prepared both physically, mentally, and especially financially when making such a significant decision that has long term impacts. Devising a plan is best to do before even starting the looking phase, there needs to be an amount allocated towards the type of apartment you’re looking for, and the cost to cover moving services and storage fees. It’s also important to look at the services offered in apartment complexes if you have a pet—are they pet-friendly apartments? Have you considered townhouses for rent? The amount of thought and effort placed into the planning process dictates the difficulty of your move and how well-adjusted you are in the first few weeks.

What To Know Before You Move

Organization is the key to moving without all the excessive hassle included. Moving is mentally taxing. Be sure to consolidate items that take up an abundance of space or require special packing—sort those items first and you’ll feel less overwhelmed when you get to the hilt of your packing. When packing, make sure to categorize boxes accordingly to make the unpacking process a bit easier, the more certain you are about where everything is, the less stress moving will entail.

During the beginning of apartment searching it’s best to broaden your range of options to see what there is on the market, most wide searches will yield favorable options such as luxury apartments or townhouses for rent that are top-rated with amenities included. When you’re in your late stages of searching, typically when you’re deciding, it’s best to narrow your searches down to the top 3 or 5 apartments that best suit your needs. If your options are too broad or too narrow, it’s difficult to make a concrete decision and could leave you overwhelmed.

Understand the type of living arrangement you desire. Some renters have made the mistake of moving on impulsive and immensely regretted their decision because they failed to think about their decision thoroughly. Take time to research the variation of living spaces to determine what suits your lifestyle and personality best; you wouldn’t want to be stuck living somewhere you detest.

Know where to look for your ideal apartment. Most people are gravitating towards fancier types of living areas that will provide them with top-tier services and amenities. If your perfect living is a luxury condominium or townhouses for rent, be sure to diligently search for areas that offer luxury living with amenities included.

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