Home Security Systems Protect Against Florida Burglaries

Home security systems florida

Purchasing a home can be an exciting milestone for many individuals. After all, many individuals enjoy the responsibilities that accompany home ownership. They believe that it can be fun to paint their houses; erect fences, swimming pools, and tree houses; plant and cultivate flowers in their gardens; and host grilling parties and house parties.

However, for many homeowners, these perks come at the cost of increased responsibilities, including mortgage payments, property taxes, homeowner’s association fees, and numerous repairs, all of which cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars every year. Furthermore, shortly after purchasing their houses, many homeowners start to envision worst case scenarios. What if the house burns down? What if an earthquake or a hurricane destroys the house? What if crime increases and property values decrease? Despite their best efforts to ignore these recurring anxieties, many homeowners purchase homeowner’s insurance and other types of insurance which protect against these worst case scenarios.

One of the most common fears that plagues homeowners is the fear of burglary. Homeowners in Florida are especially nervous because more than forty seven percent of home burglaries occur in the South (as opposed to twenty one percent in the West and Midwest and eleven percent in the Northeast). Other facts about burglaries are equally disturbing to these Florida homeowners, such as statistics which suggest that most burglaries last between ninety seconds and twelve minutes; that single family homes are their favorite targets; that most burglars live within two miles of their victims (who they might even know); and that ninety five percent of burglars are men.

Consequently, many homeowners in Pensacola, Florida purchase home security systems Florida for their homes. These home security systems Pensacola and Adt security florida often use complex and elaborate technology such as alarms and cameras to protect these homeowners and offer them peace of mind. However, some homeowners believe that these ADT Florida and Adt pensacola are too expensive to fit within their budget and instead opt to purchase do it yourself home security systems which offer many of the same services as professional home security systems at discounted rates. However, many experts argue that do it yourself home security systems are less reliable than professional home security systems, suggesting that home owners who favor discounts over safety are doing themselves a disservice.

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