How Can a Cremation Company Be Environmentally Friendly?

Cremation has emerged as a very popular alternative to burial. However, there are some sustainability concerns with traditional cremation. Burning stuff tends to create pollution and can also contribute to climate change. That’s why inventors came up with water cremation, which may offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional fire cremation. When talking with a cremation company, you should ask if they offer water or aqua cremation options.

Wondering how water cremation works? The body will be placed in a large tank of water, which is then heated up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more. This will encourage the body to quickly break down.

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Depending on the temperature and other factors, water cremation can take between 6 and 20 hours.

Water cremation is also referred to as alkaline hydrolysis. Besides heat, lye is typically used to speed up the decomposition process. So far, research indicates that alkaline hydrolysis is a sustainable alternative to traditional burials (which take up land, and may also require clearing land), and traditional cremation.

Which burial option is right for your loved ones? When possible, it’s best to talk with them about their preferences. Either way, aqua cremation is most certainly worth considering, especially if you want to protect the environment.


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