How Professional Fence Installers Build a Panel Fence

Building a panel fence is a regular part of the job of a professional fence installer. The panel fence is an effective way to secure a property and provide privacy. The YouTube video “How to Install a Panel Fence” details the steps involved in installing a panel fence.

The first step a professional fence installer will take when installing a panel fence is to dig out the hole. The hole would be dug six inches wider than the post and at least four inches deeper.

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A total of four feet of space would be left between the posts and the edge of the property to allow for future expansion. Next, a pre-fabricated anchor is attached to each end of the post using lag bolts or at least two bolts per anchor.

When choosing lag bolts, fence installers select galvanized ones because they will not rust and they tend to last longer than others. The fence installer will then attach a footer to each end of the post using lag bolts or at least three bolts per footer. Finally, the fence installer will place one strand of wire mesh on top of each footer and apply tension along both sides until they are tight against each other.


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