Who Are the Arizona Friends of Foster Care?

The Arizona Friends of Foster Care Foundation (AFFCF) is a dedicated organization committed to enriching the lives of children in foster care throughout Arizona. With a mission to provide foster children with opportunities that promote their self-esteem and enrich their lives, AFFCF plays a crucial role in offering these children a semblance of normalcy and joy during a challenging period in their lives. Their work underscores the belief that every child deserves a happy and fulfilling childhood, regardless of their circumstances.

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Mission and Vision
The AFFCF aims to “Give the Gift of Childhood” to children in foster care by funding activities and needs that are not covered by other sources. This includes extracurricular activities, educational opportunities, and other enriching experiences that foster children might otherwise miss out on. The foundation’s vision is a world where children in foster care have the same opportunities as their peers, helping them to grow, thrive, and achieve their full potential.

Programs and Services
AFFCF provides a wide range of programs and services to support foster children:

Extracurricular Activities: Funding for activities such as sports, music lessons, dance classes, and summer camps. These activities help foster children develop new skills, build confidence, and make lasting memories.

Educational Support: Scholarships for post-secondary education, tutoring services, and school supplies. By supporting their educational journey, AFFCF helps foster children break the cycle of poverty and reach their academic goals.

Everyday Essentials: Assistance with items such as clothing, beds, and bicycles. These essentials ensure that foster children have what they need to feel comfortable and supported in their daily lives.

Special Events: Organizing events and outings that allow foster children to experience the joys of childhood, from holiday celebrations to trips to amusement parks.

How to Get Involved
There are several ways to support the Arizona Friends of Foster Care Foundation and help them in their mission:

Make a Donation: Contributions can be made directly to the foundation, helping to fund the various programs and services they offer. Donations qualify for the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit, making it a financially beneficial way to support a worthy cause.

Follow on Social Media: By following AFFCF on social media platforms, you can stay updated on their latest initiatives, success stories, and upcoming events. This also helps spread awareness about the foundation’s work and the needs of foster children in Arizona.

Volunteer: Volunteering your time and skills can make a significant impact. AFFCF offers various opportunities for individuals to get involved, from event planning to tutoring.

Corporate Partnerships: Businesses can partner with AFFCF to sponsor events, provide in-kind donations, or create workplace giving programs that encourage employees to support foster children.

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