How to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

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Plumbing emergencies can occur to any homeowner and will likely cost expensive repairs. Emergency plumbers can get the job done, but last-minute scheduling means they have to charge more. This video will explain how to prevent plumbing emergencies in your home.

The first thing to do is to not put things that can clog your pipes down drains. In the bathroom, make sure to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Paper towels and other materials will clog your toilet fast.

In the kitchen, make sure to use a drain cover when washing dishes with food debris. Avoid putting coffee grounds, grease, and oils down the drain, too. This is likely to cause a clog over time that will lead to expensive repairs. Also avoid pouring chemicals and paints down your sinks and other drains. These can clog your pipes and lead to corrosion.

The best way to avoid plumbing emergencies is to schedule regular inspections of your plumbing lines. You will probably not be able to identify small plumbing problems that can turn into large ones, but a plumbing contractor can. If you a few plumbing inspections every year, they will be able to keep your plumbing system running well for years to come

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