How to Gift a Quality Night of Sleep this Holiday Season

Coyuchi linen

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift? Stores have already begun stocking their shelves with holiday gifts. This gives you the opportunity to get your holiday shopping done and out of the way early. One of the most unique and appreciated gifts that you give this year is the gift of a good night of sleep.

Why gift a good night of sleep?

In the United States, about 42% of adults usually get less than seven hours of sleep, falling short of the recommended amount. There are many causes of a poor night of sleep including insomnia, stress, medical problems, and even uncomfortable bedding. Although you cannot necessarily gift someone a cure for insomnia, you can increase the comfort of their bed. Coyuchi organic sateen sheets, for example, are an extremely comfortable linen. Additionally, coyuchi organic sateen sheets are a naturally organic bedding that is perfect for those sleeping with smell sensitivities.

How important is your bedding for comfort?

Think about how well you sleep when you stay in a hotel room. For some reason, you can never get the same quality of sleep at home. This is often because hotels come with higher quality of bedding. The mattresses are softer, the pillows are bigger, and the sheets are softer. Coyuchi organic sateen sheets are a good alternative to hotel sheets that you can put on your own bedding, or give as a gift. An organic bedding set is sure to be an appreciated gift this holiday season.

How else can you improve a good night of sleep?

If you want to gift more than coyuchi bedding, you will find that there are many comfortable bedding options to increase a good night of sleep. Noise machines, for example, can drown out outside noises and can promote a sense of relaxation. A noise machine combined with coyuchi organic sateen sheets is sure to promote a great night of sleep. You can also order these same coyuchi products in towels, pillowcases, and comforters. The organic material of the product is perfect for a nighttime shower or bath and is sure to increase relaxation also. Also, keep in mind that higher thread count is always better for comfort. If you are looking for a lasting and extremely durable linen, any percale from thread count 200 to 800 is recommended.

Increase comfort and sleep for babies

Increasing the comfort and sleep quality of babies is also helpful. Not only are you promoting a healthy sleep for the newborn baby, but you are also giving the new parents a chance to catch up on some missed sleep. All natural organic baby products are a great holiday gift, both for the baby and the new parents. One of the biggest causes of missed sleep is children. Children, especially babies have a number of reasons that they stay up throughout the night. This holiday season, give the gift of increased sleep.

Most Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep. In fact, most fall significantly below the recommended number of hours. If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift this holiday season, consider gifting a great night of sleep. Increase the comfort with coyuchi organic sateen sheets. About 85% of people rated a comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to a good night of sleep, in a recent National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Poll. Gift these same items to a newborn baby to promote its sleep, as well as to give the parents a few extra hours of sleep.

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