How to Help with the Red Cross Blood Shortage

Throughout the summer months, many people are out of school and taking vacations away from their jobs. That being said, there are still many out there in need of blood during these times. You’ve likely heard about preparing and donating Red Cross clothing donations. Whether it’s a Red Cross pickup service or donation center, this organization receives large amounts of clothing annually. This organization works 24 hours a day to provide those in need with shelter, blankets, food, and blood. Having blood is vital while the Red Cross cares for those across the world. Unfortunately, the Red Cross could be facing a shortage of available blood to donate to to others during this summer.

Reasons Behind Shortage of Donated Blood

Throughout the year, the Red Cross sets up locations across the country to collect blood. However, the upcoming summer places the organization in a tough spot. This organization estimates that nearly 20% of its blood donations are from those in high school. Unfortunately, school being out of sessions places a major reduction on these donations.

Another reason for this shortage is that many people are away on vacation. Considering that summer is a popular time for vacationing, many Red Cross donation centers aren’t receiving enough blood. This places additional strain on Red Cross organizations around the world to increase these numbers. However, this is a way that you can help the Red Cross during this time.

How to Help the Red Cross During This Storage

Statistics show that 70% of people throughout the United States give to a charity per year. That being said, Red Cross donations don’t always have to come in the form of clothing. If you want to help with this problem, consider giving blood to your local Red Cross facility.

In closing, the Red Cross is currently facing a shortage of blood. You can help remedy this situation by giving blood to your local Red Cross center. If you feel like giving more to those in need, consider preparing any clothes you have around the house for donation purposes. Statistics gathered from the EPA found that the average American throws away nearly 10 pounds of clothing annually. In addition, many local areas have Red Cross pickup services, meaning you don’t have to make a second trip to drop off donated clothes.

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