How to Organize Your Home and Crafts Hobby

Everyone has a living space of some kind, and every so often, it may come time to clean out the clutter in the home or, in the case of homeowners, remodel some of the rooms to refresh a house and make it feel even better to live in. Home organization is in fact a major aspect of a productive and low-stress everyday life, and most American adults’ lives are at least partly intertwined with their possessions for work, hobbies, or simple relaxation, meaning that a cluttered and chaotic home translates to stress, wasted time, and even bad self-esteem. But a messy house can be fixed, and in the case of arts and crafts storage, organization for crafters is very much doable, and those who paint, sculpt, sew, or do other arts and crafts will need to keep everything tidy. In fact, some adults today make their livelihoods, in part or in whole, on these hobbies, such as at the online store Etsy. Organization for crafters can be done with all sorts of items and furniture, ranging from a 3 shelf organizer to a 6 cube organizer to small boxes or modular cube organizers. “Organized” should always the adjective for a room, and organization for crafters is a must. How can the home, as a whole, be made more tidy?

The Problems of Mess

A messy home can raise stress levels, waste time, and in the case of poor organization for crafters, even waste money since items to sell are not being made while looking for misplaced items. Statistics are kept to find out how messy some homes are, and in general, an American household today contains an enormous 300,000 items, ranging from silverware to hobby craft items to kids’ toys to books, and often, not all of these items are actually used or even desired. Having too many items means clutter and a lack of clear organization, and this can weigh down on a person’s life. The National Soap and Detergent Association, for one, has said that 80% of household clutter results from disorganization, rather than a lack of space, showing that a closet organizer or cube units and shelves for organization for crafters can go a long way. Often, a person may lose several items per day and many over the course of a year due to messes and lack of organization. How can this trend be reversed?

Tidy Up By Category

One approach is to organize the home’s items by their type, and this can start with clothing. Many households have more clothes than the people there need or even want, and excess clothes can be given away to charity. Family members can gather all clothing and personal accessories from across the home and assemble them into a single pile to find out how much there is, a comprehensive inventory. From here, the family members can choose what to keep and what to give away. Clothes that are the wrong size, worn out, or out of fashion or even redundant with better items in the wardrobe are all prime candidates for charity. The remaining clothes can be organized with hangers, drawers, and closet cube units, making for a more streamlined wardrobe.

Mundane items such as cookware or books can also be organized, and in this case, redundant or unnecessary items can be given away, such as pots and pans. Kids’ toys can also be sorted, and toys that the kid no longer plays with can be given away or sold elsewhere. And most of all, for someone who sells arts and crafts, organization for crafters is vital. A whole room can be dedicated to the person’s crafts, and here, furniture and items such as shelves, drawers, cubes, boxes, and more can be used to sort clay, paint brushes, glue bottles, threads, sewing needles, hobby knives, and much more. Many people craft items to sell online at shops like Etsy, so naturally, this crafter may run behind schedule making and selling their wares if their items are lost in clutter and cannot be found. A tidy work room makes for faster and low-stress work, and sewing, painting, model making, and more can be done with ease.

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