How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Family Reunion

Do you need to prepare for your large family reunion in Hawaii? This video has you covered with information on a porta potty rental in Honolulu, HI. Everyone knows you can’t host a large family gathering indoors during summer. It’s far too beautiful outside to do that.

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If you plan to move your party outdoors, there’s only one small adjustment you’ll need to make.

Plan the Details of Your Outdoor Family Reunion

An outdoor family reunion is similar to an indoor family reunion. You’ll need to plan the food, entertainment, and decor. However, there’s one big exception: the bathroom facilities. When you’re hosting a family reunion for a family of 20 or more, you won’t be able to accommodate everyone in one or even two bathrooms. You’ll need to hire portable toilets or restrooms and place them on the property or at the location so that the family can access them easily.

These facilities are very convenient and affordable and have delivery and setup services, so you won’t have to worry about getting the more expensive units set up with a power and water supply. It’s an excellent solution to a minor inconvenience that could ruin the festivities. The key is hiring the right rental company that adheres to industry regulations and offers outstanding customer service.


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