How to Remove Etches From Marble

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Marble countertops are great additions to any home, but they can become scratched or etched over time with more use. This video explains the best way to remove etchings from your marble countertops to keep it in perfect shape.

The first thing to note is that normal household cleaners have very high PH levels. This can damage marble and other natural stone.

Avoid using these on your natural stone countertops. If you’re unsure, there will be a warning on the bottle of the cleaner.

Get a stone cleaner and use that to clean the countertop. This step will remove all of the excess stone, dirt, or other materials on the countertop that may scratch the stone more while you are working on it.

Dry the area off with a microfiber towel, and pour etch removing powder onto the etched area. Add a bit of water to create a paste and wash the area with your towel using tiny and circular motions that get bigger and lighter as you go.

Continue this circular cleaning a few times over for about 30 to 60 seconds each time. Then remove all of the leftover etch remover with a dry towel. Use the stone cleaner again to clean up the countertop, and let it dry.

Finally, use a stone sealer on the areas you removed etches from. This will maintain the stone’s protection. To learn more, click on the link to the video above.

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