How to Repair Blinds

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Over time your blinds can become bent or broken from wear and tear. This video will explain how to replace broken or damaged blinds to maintain yours for years to come.

The first thing to do is to remove the blind covers on the brackets that hold the blinds in place. Gently remove the top bar of the blinds and layout the blinds on the floor. Leave the brackets for your blinds up because you’ll be throwing the blinds back in when you’re finished.

Now you need to measure the size of the blinds. This is the most important step for repairing your blinds. You will measure the length of the blinds with measuring tape, and then go to the store and buy a set of blinds that corresponds with the length. Most sets of blinds cost under $10.

Finally, unbox the new blinds, slide them into the brackets of the window, and place the bracket covers into place. Open, close, and adjust your blinds to make sure everything is working smoothly. Now you have a fresh, working, and new set of blinds. Be sure to treat them delicately to avoid having to go buy more replacement blinds too quickly!

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