How to Safely Cut Down a Tree

Sometimes you need to remove a tree. They may be too close to your house, risking falling on your house. Other times, it may just be a dead tree that is an eye sore. You may even simply want to clear out more space in your hard, Whatever your reason, it is important to know how to remove a tree safely. If not done properly, a tree could cause damage to your property or you.

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If you feel uncomfortable about removing a tree at any time, please call a professional tree removal company. In this video, you will learn how to remove a tree safely.

Before removing a tree, check the area for people, pets, structures, and power lines. You may need to call a professional if there are powerlines or a structure nearby. If not, prepare an area for the tree to fall. Also plan an escape route for when the tree starts to fall. Remove any objects that may pose a risk of tripping.

Once the area is clear, cut the tree at a 70 degree angle on the side that you want the tree to fall towards. You will want to cut about 25% of the way through the tree at this 70 degree angle. Next, cut to the end of the first cut at a 90 degree angle to create a notch. Next, you will want to make a felling cut that starts on the other side and works it way across to the notch. It should end slightly above the bottom of the notch. A notch should be inserted before you cut all the way through. Then finish the cut. When the tree starts to creak, run to your escape route opposite of where the tree is falling.


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