Inside the Funeral Home Service What Happens to the Body

Do you ever wonder what happens to the dead body when it is turned over to the funeral home services? If you’re curious, here’s what happens.

1. After the body is turned over to the funeral home services, the bereaved family tries to tell them what to do with the body.

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It can be prepared for burial or cremation. Each method has a different set of preparation for the body.

2. When the family of the deceased plans on having a viewing, the corpse needs to be embalmed, whether it is burial or cremation. But if the family decides not to have a viewing session for the deceased, the corpse is refrigerated in a temperature-controlled area where there’s no further breakdown of the body

3. If the dead body is a stillbirth, then most states require a stillbirth certificate to proceed with the normal process along with the coroner. As long as there’s no plan for a viewing session, the dead body should be refrigerated rather than embalmed.

4. When a body starts decomposing, most funeral home services contact their coroners to speed up the cremation process. It will emit a foul-smelling odor within its surroundings in a matter of days. Sometimes, when a cadaver is severely decomposed, a coroner authorizes the funeral home services to speed up the process of cremation.


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