Install Any Roof with These 5 Steps

Roofing is a lot of work. It can be daunting to install your own shingles. For most people, it is a better idea to hire a roofer until they have had practice on smaller and lower surfaces such as porches, sheds, and doghouses. Even so, shingling is not a skill that is hard to learn. However, it will require some practice.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn the basic five steps of any roof shingling project. You will be able to do your own roof repairs or installation in no time!

The first step is to nail the drip edge to the roof. It should be hanging about half an inch off the side of the roof to prevent water from running down the exterior walls. Next, nail felt paper down until it is covering the entire surface of the roof. This helps the roof and shingles move individually while also absorbing condensation to prevent decay. Finally, you will want to nail down the shingles themselves on top of the felt. Overlap the shingles by six horizontally and five inches overlapping on top of each other. This space is also known as the reveal. Repeat this process as needed across the roof and you will be all set.


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