Is Your Vehicle Really Safe For Your Family?

Vehicle safety is always a high priority for families. Automotive repair is easy. People repair isn’t as much. You want to protect your family at all costs.

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This is why most families look at the safety rating of any vehicle that they are considering purchasing. However, this rating can be misleading. Watch this video to learn more.

Crash tests involve testing different types of car crashes on crash dummies. These dummies measure the pressure applied to different areas of their bodies such as thighs, head, and chest. However, here lies the issue. These dummies don’t accurately model the bodies of women or children. This has been the case for a long time. Even so, car manufacturers continue to use this outdated model. This remains true even in the light that more women drive cars now then men and that Americans are now generally more overweight than they used to be. These facts mean that we need updated car crash dummies to accurately represent different segments of the population. Without more accurate dummies, are your vehicles really as safe as they seem? Fortunately, changes do seem to be on the way with more types of dummies in the design phase.


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