Landscaping Adds to the Value and the Beauty of a Property

There are a million ways to tell the difference between you and your neighbor.

First of all, there is the age difference. He has already been retired and you still have at least another 10 years to work.

He lives in a range, you live in a two story. He drives a luxury car, you still have a mini van in your garage. He mows his yard every three days, at least; you mow when ever you get the chance. He and his wife have long leisurely dinners on the deck; you and your family are often scrambling to grab something to eat before heading out to one of the kid’s soccer games.

He mows his yard a lot.

He washes his car in the driveway every Saturday morning. You spend Saturday mornings getting the twins to and from soccer practice and piano lessons. He golfs four to five times a week, you are lucky if you can get on the course four or five times in a summer.

He mows his yard, you trim your bushes. He mows his yard, you cut dead branches that have been scratching the twins’ bedroom window. He mows the yard, you spend a Sunday afternoon replacing the river rock in the front of the house.

Get the picture?

Some day, you hope to live the life that he leads. You hope to hire a landscaper who can trim the buses, take care of trees, replace the river rock. When that some day happens, then maybe you will mow your yard every three days. Heck, you might even pay the landscaper to take of the mowing as well.

Local Landscapers Provide a Number of Services
Not everyone is in a point in their lives where they can afford to hire landscaping services to take care of the maintenance-pruning-mulching that is required to keeping a house look great. In fact, if you drive down the streets in your neighborhood you may quickly be able to tell who does their yard work themselves and who hires landscaping companies.

Whether you do the work yourself, or you invest in a professional landscaper, as many as 90% of real estate agents encourage home owners to invest in landscaping prior to selling. In addition to making your property look great, properly selected and placed plants can lower a home’s heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%. A tree that provides shade to an outdoor air conditioner unit, for instance, can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%.

Until you reach the point in your life where you can hire your own landscaper for all of the tasks around your house, you might as well get all of the tips that you can for how to make your yard look its best. The neighbor likely has plenty of time to help you know about the services that he is paying for. Who knows, maybe if you are lucky he will be so generous as to make sure that his guy mulches all of the branches from the bush that you just took out yourself.

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