Memory Care Facilities vs. Assisted Living

If you are looking for full-time care for a loved one, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the different options available. It’s important to be aware of what different facilities have to offer to ensure the best possible care. Let’s explore the differences between assisted living and memory care facilities.

Assisted living tends to focus on physical care. Residents at assisted living facilities are people whose bodies are no longer functioning well enough for them to live independently, often following some type of injury.

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Assisted living also gives residents the opportunity to socialize with peers around their own age.

Memory care, conversely, focuses on mental wellness. Residents at these facilities have typically been diagnosed with dementia. There are 80 different types of dementia, meaning different patients may need different forms of care, and memory care facilities ensure that these people’s needs are met. These buildings are also locked to ensure that residents don’t wander outside and endanger themselves.

The type of facility that is best for your loved one depends on their personal needs. Assisted living facilities and memory care facilities have staff trained for different forms of care, so it’s important to choose the type that is most beneficial to the person moving in.


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