Moving To A New State? Here Are Five Tips For Hiring A Moving Company And Saving Money

How do you know if the moving business you are considering is a good choice? You can find movers online that seem like they are a top pick, but can you be sure? Everyone knows that it is important to get the best value when you are choosing your moving company, but how do you make sure that you are?
Typically, people that are moving have a lot of things on their plate and do not give the time necessary to make sure they are choosing the right moving service providers. This can be a critical error that makes the move much more stressful than it has to be.
There are five tips that you can follow that can help you to decide if the oldest moving company in your area is the best bet or if you should be looking at more moving companies in area around your place to find a better deal. Making the right choice is critical to the outcome of your move. Follow these five tips to avoid choosing the wrong moving company and all the risks that come with a terrible moving company.

When it’s time to finally pack up your bags and head to a new place? The jitters can keep you from thinking straight, which is what you don’t need when going through the motions.

The best movers can make sure all those seemingly major problems are mere details. They’re professionals with the resources to protect your furniture and the know-how to get you from point A to point B on time. Instead of being tempted to do everything on your own, shrugging off some of the responsibility will help you keep your head and even protect your belongings, rather than arriving at your destination and finding you, somehow, misplaced an important box. With so many people moving and a plethora of resources at your fingertips, it’s time to take the initiative and make the plunge.

Here are some tips for hiring a moving company, from how to choose the right moving service to the state of the moving industry.

The Moving Industry Is Bursting At The Seams With Jobs

Now’s a great time to stock up on tips for hiring a moving company. The American moving industry is being given quite a lot to work with, according to recent statistics, with one study finding 185,000 jobs were created directly relative to the moving industry. In fact, the moving industry rakes in an estimated $12 billion every year! This ranges from simple consultation to elaborate packing extravaganzas. When you consider just how many American families and individuals are feeling the winds of change, it’s not hard to see why there’s such a massive shift.

More Americans Than Ever Are Going Somewhere New

It’s thought as many as 35 million Americans move every single year, which doesn’t even cover the ones that hop around on a more frequent basis. South Dakota, to date, has the highest percentage of people moving out of state in the United States at 70% of total movers. On the other hand, New York and New Jersey have some of the highest percentages of people moving in from other states. No matter where you go, local movers should be on standby to help you create a smooth transition.

Renting Storage Is Expensive, But Necessary

Do you get tired of renting storage? You’re not the only one. The economic impact of the moving industry back in 2016 was estimated at $85 billion, with storage being a significant chunk to help people transition more easily. The most expensive places to rent storage in the United States are San Francisco at $160 a month, Los Angeles at $150 a month and New York at $135 a month. It can be even more painful to lose some of your most personal belongings or find your furniture damaged upon arrival, so choosing a good storage method now and later might just be necessary.

A Good Mover Should Work With You, Not Against You

Now how about tips for hiring a moving company? While they are certainly experts in their field, that doesn’t mean they’re supposed to call all the shots. Think of them more as partners to give you a leg up on what you need to make this your most successful move yet. This can mean switching from mover to mover if you’re going particularly far from your home town or even consulting them on the benefits of renting storage in your city of choice. They should work alongside you, not provide yet another roadblock!

Hiring A Moving Company Will Save You Time And Reduce Stress

The biggest tips for hiring a moving company? Just saving you some much-needed time and money in your busy life. The average American household is estimated to have over 300,000 belongings. Even a smaller estimate is a lot of time packaging, wrapping, boxing, bagging and labeling. There are multiple forms of delivery for you to choose from to better fit your unique situation and keep you from spending overmuch. An interstate move (that’s 1,200 miles) costs around $4,300, for example, while an intrastate move costs closer to $2,500.

The road is calling you. Make sure you answer with a local mover by your side.

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