Nursing Homes Need A Change

Nursing homes have been in existence for decades. They provide the aged with a place to live in their last days. The video shows the impact of nursing homes and how they need to change for the better. Nursing home residents and staff have had many challenges, with funding being the most significant.

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Nursing homes have had serious staffing challenges over the years. As a result, they do not have sufficient registered nurses working with their residents. Most nursing homes hire people willing to work with their residents regardless of their qualifications. Nursing homes should hire qualified nurses to provide the correct standard and quality of care.

Staff and managers at nursing homes have observed the need to change the governance system of nursing homes. The government and managers should collaborate to ensure that the residents get the standard of care they deserve. At the moment, regulators impose so many rules that are detrimental and disadvantage both the staff and the residents.

Older nursing rooms have up to three residents sharing a room. Regulators are looking to transform these homes to offer more privacy to their residents. This will improve the quality of care and help reduce infections residents cannot fight off due to their advanced ages.

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