Pre Arranged Funerals 101 Problems To Avoid

One of the universal truths is that we’ll all die. People start preparing for their death way before they die. One of the ways people prepare for their death is arranging for their funeral to save their loved ones stress. This has been a controversial move as one is not there to ensure that their funeral is conducted or catered for as they had wanted.
Pre arranged funerals may cost anywhere between 7000 and 10000 dollars. The funeral home sits on that money all that while before one dies.

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They use it to generate money for themselves. When one finally dies, there is no guarantee that the funeral service provider will provide the services as agreed.
One of the ways to ensure you never lose such money is to read the fine print and ask questions. One should imagine the various scenarios that could take place and ask questions about them. For example, “What happens if I die in a different state or out of the country?” All these questions need to be answered in writing in the contract you sign.
If you cannot find a trusted pre-paid funeral plan, the best plan is to have that money in your account. You can provide avenues for your family to get the money once you are gone. They will be equally glad that you prepared for your exit.

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