Questions to Ask a Cremation Service Professional

Several alternatives are available when choosing cremation as the final disposition option for an individual or their loved ones. It’s beneficial to understand the options available, the questions and concerns that are vital to them, and the services and issues they should avoid. Here is a list of questions to ask a cremation service professional.

How should the body be displayed during the funeral?

Cremation may be performed before and after the funeral service. If your loved ones feel that having the body at the service is important, you may rent a casket and arrange for the cremation after the service.

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Does the family want to be there during the cremation process?

Although not everyone wants to be present at the cremation, for others, it can aid in the mourning process and provide extra comfort knowing that their loved one’s remains were handled with dignity.

Is a coffin necessary for cremation?

Most states mandate that the body be cremated in an approved container. A complete wooden casket or a cardboard container are both acceptable options. Based on state law, each funeral home has its options.


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