Social Medias Effect on the Brain

Everybody knows that social media has completely changed the way we can communicate with one another. With endless streams of information and communities ranging from the tiniest minority to overwhelming fandoms, social media has taken the world by storm these past few years. It’s obvious that social media has had a monumental effect on the world around us, but what effect has it had inside of us? Is there a way to measure it? Well, this video gives an inside look on how the social media deeply changes our brains.

When you are online, you are usually multitasking on several different types of media inputs at once. For example, you may be writing a blog post, texting your friend, and listening to music.

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Since each of these tasks demands a certain amount of attention, it can cause your brain to rewire itself in a way that prevents you from storing information to the deep memory section of your brain. Multitasking may be convenient, but it has a huge effect on memory. Take time for just one media every once in a while, to avoid overcrowding and potential anxiety.


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