The Beauty of Side Stone Engagement Rings

In the video below, you learn about side stone engagement rings, how they’re made, and the design options available to consumers. Many jewelry stores offer these types of rings because they offer consumers the possibility of personalization!

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A side stone engagement ring is what it sounds like; there are stones on the sides of the ring, like two jewels surrounding the center gem. People choose side stone engagement rings because they offer more sparkle and certainly make your ring and finger stand out! For many people, the more bling, the better!

Did you know that the side of a ring is called a shoulder? Side stones, sometimes also called accent stones, sit on the shoulders of the ring, adding more bling to your ring!

If you’re thinking about proposing to your partner and need to buy them a beautiful ring, consider looking at side stone engagement rings at jewelry stores near you.

If your partner loves bling and wears rings often, they will love an engagement ring that offers not one, not two, but three gems! Some side stone engagement rings can even have up to five stones! All your friends will be jealous when they see it!

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