The Hidden Dangers Lurking On Your Home’s Surfaces

Hiring a maid service

It’s that wonderful time of year again: spring. Temperatures are rising, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. With all of these uplifting changes comes a reminder that it’s time for that fantastic annual tradition we call spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

When the weather turns nice in early spring, many people choose to do those cleaning tasks that usually get neglected, like deep cleaning carpets and surfaces or washing windows. While doing these cleaning tasks yourself can save you money, they cost you another dear resource: your time. A family that cleans their own home daily can spend up to 730 hours a year cleaning their home. That’s 30 whole days! Do you really have the time to spend 30 days a year cleaning your home? If you’re like most American families, the answer is a clear “no.” So what’s the solution? Simple: hire a spring cleaning service.

Spring Cleaning Service

Finding a maid service for dependable house cleaning is easier than you think. It’s estimate that there are upwards of 894,920 maids working in the United States alone. Many maid services have been around for decades, ensuring that the house cleaning services they offer are tried and true. Be sure to choose a bonded maid service that’s listed by the Better Business Bureau. While you might be able to save money through finding an “under the table” maid service, you might be putting your home or family at risk. Instead, go with a trusted and dependable maid service and put your mind at rest.

The Benefits of A Spring Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home can not only make you and your family feel better about your surroundings and selves, but also provide health benefits. The EPA estimates that only around half of all U.S. homes clean their carpets as often as the EPA recommends – every 6 months. Without deep cleaning, permeable surfaces like carpets can absorb harmful germs and toxins that your family or pets can breathe in, causing illnesses and reducing overall wellness. Did you know that exposure to dust can lower cognitive abilities by around 2 to 6%? It’s true. A deep cleaning provided by a dependable spring cleaning service can bring your home back to its healthiest state, ensuring your family’s health and happiness.

As the weather returns to a happier, more vibrant state, ensure that your home does as well. Hire a spring cleaning service today, and feel better about your home. You and your family deserve it.

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