The Two Best Kinds of Nautical Home Decor

Copper diving helmet

Home decor can be difficult. Everybody knows this. Picking out what sorts of color and items that make the specific you want to make can be as confusing as it is challenging. Some people go with an urban theme, especially in apartments and around bigger cities. Others tend to skew more rural and go with a woodland or cabin theme. There are innumerable kinds of themes one can choose from but there’s really no wrong way to go. If you want go with something more classic, you might want to try a nautical theme decor, especially if your home is near an ocean or a lake. Nautical home decorations can a thorough, fun and light-hearted way to display your personality to friends and guests but there are two distinct routes you can go. Let’s take a look at both of them and see what they say about you.

    The Traditional Nautical Home Decor
    This is the route you see in a lot homes near beaches and water-fixtures. Traditional nautically themed homes often feature a center-piece such as a nautical clock or a life preserver. These draw the eye and bring a central energy to the home in question. The life preserver specifically is a nice showcase of color and shape. It goes with well with other items, such as flags or bubbles of seaglass. Hang the life-preserver on a wall and array these items, seaglass, shells, small replica ships, underneath it. This makes for a diverse and pleasing set-up for any occasion. If you want to go a little older-fashioned and less modern, you can replace the life preserver with a ship-wheel. This gives the home more of a directed, traditional feeling and brings together other ship paraphernalia you might have hanging or scattered around.
    The Pirate Theme
    This might seem a little sillier but the pirate theme is a fun and vivacious way to liven up any already-nautically themed home. You might want to spring for a tropical-island theme and have fake-chests or a fishtank with a skull in it. For this theme, you’d dispense with the life preserver (and the life preserver theme) and hang up a pirate flag instead. Some antiques and knick-knack shops will even have carved wooden pirates that you can buy for relatively cheap. Put these in your hallway for maximum effect or, alternatively, carve one yourself. The pirate theme is all about hand-made and crafted. It has a very rustic, sea feel to it. This organic sense of style really brings a life to the home that guests and friends can sense when they walk in.

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