Tips For Coping With Having a Loved One in Prison

When you hear that someone you know has gone to prison, your mind will probably instantly be filled with countless questions. What does this really mean? Are they going to be okay? This is completely normal, and it is okay to feel overwhelmed when you first hear about a loved one’s imprisonment. While you may feel very alone in the moment, just know that thousands of people are in the very same spot as you. Traversing the world of jail, hiring a bondsman, understanding charges, and attending court dates is something that nobody should handle alone. In this video, we look at several strategies to cope with having a loved one in prison.

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It can be hard to process the pain of losing a family member to prison time, especially if they are one of your children. This mother had her son put in prison for life, and she was in pain for 28 years. However, once she brought up the courage to talk to others and slowly let her pain go, she was able to help other parents in her same position. If you are in the midst of watching your loved one be imprisoned, don’t be afraid to find others in the same situation, whether in real life or online.


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