Updating Kitchen Cabinets

For any kitchen, having the proper storage space is crucial to being able to properly use the room. A majority of homes use kitchen cabinets in order to properly store food, dishware, and whatever else is needed. Learning how to update kitchen cabinets can take the space from a cluttered mess to organized perfection.

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The main issue with kitchen cabinets is the utilization of space. Around 72% of all kitchen cabinet space is air. Taking small steps can help you utilize the space more.
The first project you can tackle is adding additional shelves. This is recommended for the higher levels of the cabinets and can be useful in organizing canned goods a little better. The extra shelves must be properly measured out for the intended item they are going to hold to ensure their proper storage and placement.

Another project for cabinets that hold pots and pans is the creation of holding bars on the doors for lids. The bars are simple to install, with a piece of wood attached that leaves enough room for pot lids to be slid in. The handle of the lid should stop at the bar, allowing them to stay held up on the cabinet door.

For additional information about updating kitchen cabinets, please review the attached video.


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