Updating Your Church to Encourage New Members


Many traditional and old fashioned churches are failing today. Although religion is still very important to the country as a whole, there has been a shift toward modern day religion. A church that wants to keep member numbers up and wants to remain relevant in their community needs to find unique ways to connect with today?s religious followers. Keep the following suggestions in mind as you update your current church.

Pay attention to what works
Is there a new church in the city that members are just flocking to? Pay attention to what they are doing differently and this can be great insight into what you need to change. Look at even the minor details of their church, including the type of church furniture, the activities offered, and the location of the church. Seating is especially beneficial to pay close attention to. Traditional churches included antique church pews. These were permanent seating fixtures located in the chapel.

From the 1600s through the mid 1800s, many churches? seating arrangements in these pews were made by rank, with higher social classes sitting in pews nearest the altar. Today, although some church pews still remain, there are no longer strictly set seating arrangements. The country has made a shift toward equality and following this same seating method could be harmful for a churches success.

Offer multiple types of music
It was once believed that gospel music was the only accepted religious music. Today, you will find many churches offering alternative types of music, including rock, hip hop, and even pop. These more modern forms of music target younger generations, who will soon be very important to the success of the church. Currently, Gallup classifies 40% of Americans nationwide as very religious, based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. Despite the strong religious following in the country, churches need to be sure they are meeting the needs of these church goers.

Offer child care
Children often prevent young parents from attending church. A parent with a young child may not want to bring their crying baby into the church service. They may also choose not to attend church events because of a lack of childcare. Offering childcare may initially seem like an unnecessary expense, but it encourages a deeper level of committed membership. Church members that are more committed and dedicated to their church are more likely to donate regularly and continue attending that church.

Provide many social activities
A lot of church members enjoy their churches because of the social opportunities. Church is the perfect place to meet new people and to connect with others on a deeper social level. You can encourage relationships within your church by planning many social activities. Additionally, set up church rooms that promote conversation and interaction. Church steeple prices are very affordable and finding improved church steeples for sale can promote closeness within the church. Church steeple prices also allow you to replace and update your church regularly.

Update and repair your church
Church members that choose a home church often stay with that home church for many years. That is, unless they find a strong reason to leave. Not making necessary repairs or regular updates is a popular reason for leaving. Church steeple prices are affordable and allow you to update your church when needed. If you cannot afford new oak church pews for sale, consider second hand church pews. In many cases, the church steeple prices can be raised by donation. Most church members are willing to donate, if it means they will have a nicer church to attend.

The United States has a strong religious following. In fact, according to Gallup, 68% of Americans claim that they attend church services at least occasionally. However, new churches are constantly built, taking members from other churches. In order to remain relevant and strong, it is important to keep updated, provide numerous social activities, and offer child care services to members.

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