Three Benefits of Using a Cane For Improved Mobility

Brass cane handles

As adults get older, they may find that getting around is not as easy as it once used to be. Many adults may find it beneficial to use a cane for walking. Of course, it is difficult to change one?s routine, and some adults may be resistant to using a cane for the first time. They should not feel alone, since over 6.7 million Americans use various forms of walking devices, including wheelchairs and canes. There are many benefits to using canes, including finding it easy to move around more. Here are three reasons to consider using one rather than going without.
Br>Using a Cane Can Prevent Falling

Older adults are at a higher risk for falling than most of the population. Over two-thirds of all adults fall every year in the United States alone, with half of those falls taking place at home. For seniors who live alone and do not have someone to help them, this can be a frightening occurrence. Rather than take such a risk, it is better to use a cane or similar device, in order to walk slowly and carefully, while preventing falls. There are many different options for canes on the market, including wooden cans and brass cane handles, that can give individuals a more secure place to grip when they are walking.

Canes Can Be Personalized to Meet Their Owner?s Needs

Although many people might not be aware of it, there are different canes that can meet the needs of any individual. For example, there is the option to have a cane with seat, making it easy for adults to sit down and take a break when they get tired. For those that are fashionable, and would like to have a cane as a backup, there are decorative canes. Even the handles of the canes can be changed out often, to meet any need or occasion. Some of these include brass cane handles, that can create a unique look, or make it more comfortable to grip when walking. No matter where the cane is being used, or how often the person is using it, they can find one to meet every need in their life, and usually at a decent price.

Canes Can Help an Individual Feel Secure When They Are On Their Own

Using a cane can make an individual feel more secure in their own surroundings, particularly if they live on their own. Studies show that some of the most common reasons elderly individuals fall is because they become dizzy when they stand up, or find themselves unsteady on their feet. Using a walking stick with brass cane handles can help them feel comfortable, even when they are having an episode. This is because they know they have something steady to help them balance. In turn, this gives them back the confidence they need to manage their lives in an effective and independent manner.

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