What Happens Once the Deceased Reaches a Funeral Parlor?

A funeral parlor will begin its services by communicating with the family of the deceased about their wishes for the body. If preparations have been paid for in advance, accommodations can be made easily and without too much extra stress on loved ones who may be grieving heavily.

Some states’ funeral parlors are required to have all bodies refrigerated or embalmed within 24 hours of receiving them.

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This ensures that the body can remain presentable for open casket funerals, dressing, and the funeral itself. Refrigeration prevents the body from breaking down any further, which can help with those families still deciding if they wish to cremate.

Crematoriums are often near the funeral home locations, if not attached. The benefit to having one not immediately attached is that it distances the funeral guests from the process of cremation, thereby protecting them from the details of the process. Those grieving may react strongly to triggers all throughout the grieving process.

The process is similar, but often much more heartbreaking when a deceased child has to be accommodated in a funeral home. These happen more often than people may like to think, with some funeral homes caring for a child’s body a few times a month, on average.

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