What is the Best Barber Kit For Beginners

Many barbers all around the country have a go-to barber to make sure their clients look fresh.

Marte Arredondo, who is best known as MartyBlendz, created a video explaining his best barber-kit for both beginners and experienced barbers. For hair clippers, Blendz recommends the BaBylissPro Fx clipper (retailing for $209 on Amazon), an all-around clipper.

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If you’re a barber that has clients that don’t require a lot of time in your chair, the Whal Pro Senior will do the trick ($159 on Amazon), which has over 70 minutes of battery life, perfect for shorter cuts.

To protect your razors, MartyBlendz recommends MB Premium Translucent Guards ($35), which not only comes in an array of colors to make your hair clippers stand out, but are also compatible with a wide array of clippers, from Whal to BabylissFX.

MartyBlendz has 30 items within his barber kit, which includes clipper guides, neck strips, and blade care so that you can take care of your clipper blades to prevent them from wearing out.

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