What is the Best Walking Cane for Me?

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One in four older Americans take a fall every year, and over 50% of those falls take place at home. Falling is serious: the US sees over two million elderly patients in the emergency room every year because of falls.

Because falling is so common and such a potential dangerous accident, it?s essential that people at risk for falls be equipped with the best mobility devices possible. And since so many falls are taking place in the home, it’s important to have a mobility device that can conveniently go anywhere.

For a lot of people, that mobility device is going to be the humble cane. Currently, 70% of those who use a mobility device use a cane. That translates to 4.8 million Americans using a walking stick or something similar at any given time.

There are so many canes on the market, though, that it?s worth considering the various pros and cons of the different types. Should you go with palm grip canes? A walking stick? Should it be a carbon fiber cane, a folding cane, or a cane with a seat?

There are very utilitarian canes in the palm grip canes style, as well as decorative walking canes that make the user look more forbidding than frail. Whatever type of stylish cane or functional cane appeals to you, you can probably find it. One of the most important things to consider, however, is the type of handle you want on your cane.

If you?re looking for something stylish, you might consider knob or ball handle walking canes rather than palm grip canes. These are popular because of their classy look, but they have no padding or grip. This is best for people who have no problems with dexterity, who want a sophisticated look, and who need only limited support.

The crook handled cane is possibly the most simplistic. Often the most inexpensive canes are of this style, as well, and many decorative canes come in this handle style. However, the shape has no padding, can be a bit difficult to grasp, and is hard to use for long periods at a time. If you don?t need your cane all that often, this might be the one for you, however.

The most functional handles are on the palm grip canes. These usually incorporate some kind of padding, and the handles often have grips that allow you to hold them more easily. They can be used comfortably for longer and provide better support for longer walks.

Palm grip canes come in a variety of styles, from offset to adjustable, and can have one foot or four depending on your needs. They can also be collapsible and come in a variety of colors. The downside is that they definitely look more functional than sophisticated.

If you?re in need of a mobility device, take some time to consider exactly what kind of cane would best suit your needs. Whatever you choose, get something you’re happy with and will happy to take with you whenever you need it.

Happy trails to you, whatever cool walking cane you end up with!

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