10 Ways to Improve Your Home for the Whole Family

Home is where your family gathers to find solace, create memories, and share laughter. However, you must admit that your home will lose its sparkle and shine after some years due to the weather. Home trends and designs also change with time, thus the need to remodel various areas to suit every household member’s needs.

According to Statista’s report, interior remodeling was the most frequent project US homeowners chose in 2022. About 72% of the survey respondents admitted to having done interior renovation. This proves that many homeowners invest in their home’s comfortability. From clever storage solutions to an excellent interior, here are ten ways to make your home comfortable for the whole family.

1. Create a Family Room

The family room serves a nearly similar function as the living room, but it’s a more relaxed space that tends to be kid and elderly-friendly. As such, the goal of creating memories and sharing laughter won’t be met better at your home without a family room. A family room makes a special place for the whole family to unite and end the day.

Unlike the living room, the family room is a newer concept in the 21st century. Avi Friedman and David Krawitz, the Peeking Through The Keyhole authors, stated after the Second World War, homeowners created spaces to accommodate activities unsuited to a formal living room. Among the invented ideas was the family living room outfitted with a television and furniture.

This newer concept can be part of the aging in place renovations if you look forward to retiring soon. Apart from bonding and promoting social skills, the living room will encourage creativity, which involves many activities for kids and adults. For instance, your family can engage in arts and crafts, storytelling sessions, and other activities that promote imaginative thinking. It’s also a place to help children with homework and engage in other educational activities. A family room can also be the center of celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.

2. Maintain the Roofing

Sturdy residential roofing protects family members from external elements like snow, rain, wind, and UV light. As your home loses its beauty due to weather, age, and other factors, the roofing will be the first to take a beating. A quality roof is key in making the home comfortable for the whole family. Specifically, a well-maintained roof enhances protection and security, health and comfort, energy efficiency, and property value.

That said, you should partner with a local roofing company for repair and maintenance services whenever your roof develops faults. Maintenance practices like changing the roofing insulation and checking the ventilation will help regulate the indoor temperature and make it comfortable for the whole family. Besides making the interior comfortable, quality roofing reduces the need for overheating or overcooling, reducing energy bills.

Finally, creating a visual appeal and a space that resonates with every member’s personality and style enhances peace and comfort at home. You can involve every family member in choosing the material color and style to get a personalized and aesthetically pleasing roof. Moreover, you’ll easily find home buyers if you decide to sell your home because quality roofing increases property value.

3. HVAC Replacement

HVAC systems are vital in a modern home. They ensure your home is cozy for the whole family all year round. US families have embraced using HVAC to keep their families healthy, as the Energy Information Administration reports. According to the report, 90% of US households use HVAC systems.

Why should you replace the HVAC system, you ask? First, you’d benefit from technological advancements. Newer systems are energy efficient and more reliable than the conventional systems. As such, they’ll better meet the need to improve indoor air quality. A good system filters the air and removes dust, pet hair, pollen, and other allergens that cause respiratory issues.

Good air quality is vital for everyone and more beneficial to older people, children, and people with respiratory diseases. Besides the air quality, you take care of the home temperature. Consistent and comfortable temperatures around the home enhance good health and wellbeing. Otherwise, you risk heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke. Optimal temperatures also improve sleep quality.

The HVAC system regulates humidity around the home environment. Maintaining the optimal humidity levels during winter and around the bathrooms is crucial for better health. Excessive humidity leads to mold and mildew growth, while low humidity will cause dry skin.

The Department of Energy says you can save 20% to 40% of cooling energy costs if you replace your 10-year-old AC. However, if you notice signs of aging or failure earlier, you’d want to replace it. A reputable local HVAC business can advise and replace the unit if need be because they understand the area’s climate.

4. Perform Yard Clean Up and Maintenance

The outdoor area is the extension of your home, where your family members can spend their time. According to the American Institute of Stress, the home yard reduces stress by enhancing personal creativity. It allows the whole family to develop creative ideas for various activities, like the types of plants they can grow around.

Besides creativity, it forms the ground for the whole family to engage in physical activities, boosting health. Did you know interacting with diverse nature-based materials enhances immunity? According to the National Institute of Health, touching the soil brings bacteria into contact with the body. As a result, the body’s immune system springs into action, making it harder for the bacteria to invade your body. As the body’s immune system tries to eliminate the infections, it strengthens.

The home yard provides your family ample area to soak up sun rays for vitamin D. The vitamin reduces cortisol hormone, which causes stress and strengthens bones. Connecting with nature generally enhances mental focus and mindfulness.

Maintaining your yard is the first step to keeping your family members healthy. Reducing litter and waste will uncover hiding places for pests that can be a nuisance in the home. Land clearing will add value to your home by creating curb appeal. It also prevents accidents and injuries. For this reason, partner with professional cleaners and a lawn mower to create an inviting, serene yard that benefits the whole family.

5. Maintain the Plumbing System

A continuous clean water supply promotes good hygiene and health for the whole family. At the same time, functional fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers are essential for maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation. Regularly maintaining the sewer lines prevents clogs and blockages from building up. On the other hand, the plumbing system supplies a home with clean water for drinking, bathing, and performing other household activities.

United States Environmental Protection Agency advises inspecting your home septic system every three years. Avoid pouring cooking oil or grease down the drain because it can clog the system. Instead of using chemical drain openers to unblock clogged drains, use a drain snake or hot water to prevent damage to the drains.

Without proper maintenance, you risk costly plumbing repairs. Some emergency repair needs occur at the worst time – night or while you are holding an event at home. While 24 hour plumbers can fix the problem immediately and save the day, regular maintenance prevents unforeseen issues. You’ll be on the safe side.

6. Invest in Smart Automation Systems

Smart home automation is the latest technology you can’t overlook. Smart automation transforms how family members interact with the living space and useful home appliances and gadgets. It offers many benefits that enhance security, energy efficiency, convenience, and well-being.

A smart home device will automate routine tasks like locking the doors, turning on and off the lights and adjusting the thermostat. It’s more beneficial to the elderly, disabled, and children, who may find it difficult to control the systems manually. For instance, if you have an elderly who can barely walk while at home during the day, it will be easier to regulate the room temperature and lighting

Other examples of smart automation devices that benefit various family members are smart locks, which make accessing the house easier. Similarly, Garage door openers and motion sensors make it easier to access the garage. You can also invest in fire alarms and carbon dioxide detectors to safeguard your home from fire incidents.

7. Add Extra Storage in Bedrooms

Keep your home tidy and organized by adding extra storage in the bedrooms. Organized living isn’t solely about decluttering but also about adding functional space for individual family members. One of the brilliant and modern ideas is investing in storage beds for the whole family. It will help keep everything in its place for easy access.

Besides the personalized storage spaces, you can add baskets, shelves, and cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen for the family members to utilize unused spaces at home. Keeping things off the floor will create a more spacious feel, especially for children and pets. It also uncovers areas where dangerous pests can hide.

Extra storage doesn’t have to be indoors. Invest in a shed or find containers for sale that can store unused items to save space in the home. Outdoor storage for unused items makes it possible for the whole family to display their items properly and add a personal touch to the home decor that will make everyone happy.

8. Replace the Windows

If your windows have served the family members for over ten years, it’s time to swap them for newer designs. Widow replacements and treatments boost the home’s curb appeal and general mood. Secondly, contemporary window designs allow plenty of natural light and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Natural sunlight is essential for mood regulation because of its vitamin D. Quality windows also help connect with nature while resting in the interiors. Therefore, seeking a home window installation service is a good investment because it enhances the room’s functionality. For instance, if family members work or study from home, window treatments reduce glare during sunny days.

Window upgrade enhances safety and security because windows can serve as emergency exits in case of fire in the home. They act as an alternative exit to the doors in case an incident happens. Moreover, family members can also observe the surroundings through the windows for security awareness.

9. Make Bathroom Modifications

The National Institute of Aging advises making several changes to make the home easier and safer for older people. Some changes include renovating the stairs and changing door handles, but the bathroom is the most essential place all family members visit. Make the bathroom more friendly to your aging family member by lowering the cabinets to the floor.

Also, consider adding a roll-in shower to the home to accommodate the wheelchair and give space for maneuvering. Install grab bars near the toilet, bathtub, and showers for stability, lower the sink height, and install the lever-style faucets for easy use. Another ideal bathroom modification is installing wall-mounted sinks to have an extra room underneath for the wheelchair.

Bathroom modifications are requisite if one of the family members experiences life-changing injuries. An elder abuse lawyer can help compel insurers to undertake the changes. They also ensure you get fair compensation for health and sustenance bills.

10. Introduce Plants

Another incredible way to improve your home is integrating natural elements into the house. The popular trend of introducing plants into the home doesn’t seem to be disappearing soon because it comes with loads of benefits. During winter, when everyone remains indoors, you’ll have the touch of nature in the house. Family members will calm the stress around the interiors without exposing themselves to the harsh exterior weather.

Blooming flowers can transform the home’s interior ambiance. Further, plants help cool and naturally purify the air without overworking the HVAC system. The idea of introducing plants to your home is to create a happier and healthier space for your family members.

Enhancing the home environment for the whole family is not just about the home value and aesthetics. It’s also about having a space where everyone feels happy and connected. The key to a lovely home lies in thoughtful design and creativity. Additionally, have warranties, insure your home, and hire family lawyers to protect family members if their rights are violated.

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